What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Artificial Intelligence Examples

With the rapid development of technology, a revolutionary innovation has been achieved and artificial intelligence has begun to be used in many areas.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Artificial Intelligence Examples

Artificial intelligence, used at the base of different applications, has managed to impact various aspects from personal life to business. While allowing time and workforce savings, it also minimizes the risk of errors, and the continued development of AI is predicted to expand into many areas. The possible consequences of this expansion are a subject of debate.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

What is often discussed when it comes to the advantages and impacts of artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence, resulting from copying human intelligence to computers, has abilities such as learning, thinking, and analysis. AI can rapidly develop and be utilized in almost every field.

So, what does AI stand for? AI is the abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence, a word translated as artificial intelligence that draws attention with its structure resembling human intelligence.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has various types consisting of many usage advantages and features. You can learn more about the types of AI, which is seen as a major technological revolution, and use it in the areas you need.

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing

These are the most common types of artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning, abbreviated as ML, has been used in business for many years. This type of artificial intelligence allows the collection of information from different computers. The collected data is analyzed more quickly than what human power can do, providing the required information.

ML is mainly used for purposes such as risk analysis, portfolio management, GPS, marketing goals, and fraud detection.

Deep Learning

In Deep Learning technology, there are neural networks that facilitate the systematic collection of specified information. The artificial intelligence type, frequently used in e-commerce and online video platforms, allows personalized services. The efficiency of applications with planned interventions increases when necessary.

Natural Language Processing

The most commonly heard NLP organizes data to make it understandable by arranging it according to the needs of humans. NLP, especially effective in language, is developing rapidly. NLP performs various processes such as word, phrase group, translation, and dialogue, contributing significantly to business life.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence applications offer a wide range of possibilities. From automatic chats to voice assistants, content creation to cybersecurity, the use of AI is increasing in various fields. AI Usage Areas include:

  • Automatic Chats
  • Voice Assistants
  • Health Services
  • Online Video Watching Platforms
  • Cybersecurity
  • Content Creation

Automatic Chats

Automatic chat windows used on websites to improve customer experience create an area where artificial intelligence is most frequently used. Brands provide 24/7 customer service through chatbots that can answer customers' questions.

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants found on different applications and devices are one of the artificial intelligence usage areas that offer great convenience to people. These assistants, recognizing your voice and analyzing information about you, help you get assistance on any topic.

Health Services

Artificial intelligence, by shortening the duration of disease detection, analysis, and treatment processes, allows early intervention. With algorithms created, AI enables high efficiency in health services.

Online Video Watching Platforms

Artificial intelligence, which is an important part of the personalization feature offered to users on online video watching platforms, analyzes your movements such as search and watching history to help interesting content meet you. This situation allows users to spend more time on the site.


Preventing and detecting cyber crimes, which have a very short history in the security field, is quite difficult. AI-based applications contribute to ensuring cybersecurity. By analyzing individuals' online activities, applications based on AI transmit behaviors that constitute a crime to security forces.

Content Creation

Standing out among the usage areas of artificial intelligence, content creation allows brands to gain momentum in a practical way. AI-based applications that minimize human errors collect and analyze information in the virtual environment, creating content quickly.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Designed and developed to be suitable for use in many areas, AI has advantageous features. The advantages of artificial intelligence include:

  • Among the advantages of artificial intelligence is automation, which is highly effective in

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