Leverage Data in Your Marketing Strategy

Leverage data to improve your marketing strategy and grow your brand!

Maximize your brand's potential and gain a competitive advantage in the current market with the reporting, training, consulting and digital asset analysis solutions offered by Accumulate.

Leverage Data in Your Marketing Strategy
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Accumulate is
Analysis and Reporting
Analysis and
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SEO Reporting
Thanks to the SEO
Digital Asset Analysis provides a comprehensive review of your business
Data-Driven Influencer Reporting
We combine the
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Turquality and Brand Incentive Reporting
Digital marketing, Conversion optimization, E-commerce

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Frequently Asked Questions

ARS is a service that optimizes the data collection and reporting processes of businesses. It helps businesses collect and analyze information from various data sources and create interactive reports.

Unlike other reporting tools, ARS makes your complex data understandable on a single screen. By providing customizable reports for each employee, it allows marketing teams to access data more effectively and helps them make decisions quickly.

Using ARS is quite simple and does not require additional knowledge. The reporting screen is meticulously prepared by the ARS team and information on how to read the reports is provided with free initial installation training. This way, you can follow periodic reports and make better optimizations based on data.

Yes, our initial setup support is free. The entire report screen is prepared for you and the ARS team offers free onboarding training online with a planned schedule.

Our reporting service can be integrated with 150+ digital platforms. We can pull data from various data sources such as databases, cloud storage services, CRM systems and combine it in a user-friendly interface.

Yes, the reporting screen and metrics can be fully customized according to brand needs. However, this requires separate effort and work. You can get more information from our customer representatives.

ARS offers a number of features such as customizable report generation, data visualization, data filtering, tracking changes over time, etc. Additionally, reports can be automatically updated and shared.

You can receive five different types of reporting services: PPC, SEO, Influencer Marketing, Social Media and Content Marketing. You will definitely be informed about new report types.